Made of Wood

by The Speechless Radio

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released June 17, 2012

Michael Elder - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Programming, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Trumpet
Jordan Elder - Production



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The Speechless Radio Vancouver, British Columbia

The Speechless Radio is the moniker of singer/songwriter Michael Elder, from Prince George, BC. He has played music for most of his life in various bands in the Prince George area, but since moving to Vancouver, he has been working on making music on his own.

Michael Elder is constantly writing and recording new songs in his home, and plans to expand this project into a full band soon.
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Track Name: Grow
I feel that now that I have grown
It's time to leave my home
We've all got stories our lives write
I'll start mine

I drag my heels across the sand
As far as I can
I've stepped into a different place
New times wait

I tell myself now what to do
No one else can choose
Going through this all alone,
On my own

I know as I go through with this
There's people I will miss
I'll stay in touch as I move on
While I'm gone
Track Name: Undertow
Drinking on Wednesday
Just to do it on Friday
And I wake up and do it all again
I don't have a reason
And I don't a clue
It just feels like the only thing to do

No I don't know why I do the things I do
I really need to turn these feet around, oh oh

Here I am, just stuck again
Trapped inside and I don't know when
I'm free within, oh oh
Just pull me out of the flow
From this stronger undertow
But I can't say no
I can't say no

Wasting my days throwing my troubles away
But they come back and hurt me once again
I need a solution so that this can all change
'Cause I will no longer just escape

I'm gonna look my problems in the face
And I will find the right steps to retrace my life

But now it's getting harder and harder and harder to go on
I keep on getting pushed down and pulled up and pushed down around
Oh no
Track Name: Bigger Worlds
Open up the blinds today
Look out of the window, what do I see?
No one is looking back at me

Stuck inside these four white walls
No photographs of friends or family
To make me feel less lonely

I've never seen so many people
But never felt damn alone
I'm moving out to bigger worlds
With more faces I don't know

Stuck behind this wooden desk
Strapped into this binding chair
With no way I could ever feel the air

The roof looks like it's falling down
Walls are closing in around
And I'm afraid even make a sound
Track Name: Challenge
Backed into a corner once again
Panic starts and silence is my friend
Clawing at my heels are my regrets
I can't forgive myself, I can't forget

I don't know what's coming
I don't know what's happening to me
I'm not moving forward
I'm not like who I want to be

Looking back at all the things I've done
My mistakes catch up faster than I run
Counting up the people I've done wrong
They all know the truth that I'm not strong

I don't know what's coming
I don't know what's happening to me
I'm not moving forward
I'm not like who I want to be
But I will pick myself up from this floor
Won't dig myself down anymore
I know the challenge I am ready for

When life throws another chance at me
I hope I get back on course to who I want to be
Track Name: The Things That Keep Me Up at Night
I get out of my bed today
I'm not sure if I'm up or still asleep
I go to flick the lightswitch on
Drag across the room in my bare feet

Slap me in the face so I can try to stay awake, oh woah woah
I try and try and try just to my eyelids up, oh woah

Losing sleep over this fight
Against the things that keep me up at night

Coffee's looking black today
In times like this it needs to be that way
Bags lined up under my eyes
I need to get out but I want to stay

And this goes on and on almost every other day, oh woah woah
Someone help me put these problems right behind my back, oh woah

I drain my life over this fight
Against the things that keep me up at night

Tossing and turning all up through the night, oh no
Track Name: Evening
It's just that time again
The sun escapes at the day's end
I wish I could do the same
If I could only get away

What am I supposed to do?
When I'm stranded in this cold dark room
Where am I supposed to be?
Not here...

I wish I could figure out
A path from this old life
Nothing's feeling better now
Than doing what is right
When I wake up in the morning
And I step out of my sheets
I hope that things could change for me

The sky lit up in red
It's always beautiful above my head
Clouds dancing up above
I wish I could feel the love

Tell me what I'm supposed to do
So I can make it out of this dark room
Tell me where I'm supposed to me
Not here...

Well now the curtains close and it's the night
And I'm not moving to turn on the light
I don't know what I could hope to possibly reveal
Now I wonder what is real
Track Name: Coming Home
Today's the day I'm gonna make a change
I'll start again on a new page
I'm realizing what it is I miss
I'm coming home to this

When I put my shoes on at the door
Not gonna walk the wrong path anymore
The better life is too hard to resist
I'm coming home to this

Nothing's stopping me
Nothing's holding me back
I know what I want
And I will choose my path
My heart is set
It wants me to go
To follow the path
To take me home

I'm packing up the bags with all my clothes
I'll take my suitcase everywhere I go
I need to see the world I reminisce
I'm coming home to this

A better life is waiting up ahead
The warmth and comfort of my home in bed
I'm only getting closer to the bliss
I'm coming home to this

I have the courage now
To make this bigger vow
I'll follow my own track
And I'm never coming back
Track Name: Not Now, Not Ever
It seems like the perfect way
To run from all of my worst days
But sometimes too much is enough
I'll stop but I know it is tough

It's always there to stop the pain
It is the sun behind the rain
I'm only doing myself a crime
So I'm not gonna do it this time

A cold one is waiting for me
I'm locked and I know it's the key
But I won't give in to the pull
'Cause I want to keep my soul full

I'm turning all of this around
My purpose has been found
I'm going to start off new
It's the best thing I can do

Maybe I'll come back and do it again
And give into pain
'Cause it's tempting me every day
It's harder to turn away
But I'm stronger than ever before
I won't do it anymore
Do you hear me when I say
Not now, and never again

I'll always stay true
I'm not gonna do it this time
Track Name: Made of Wood
I remember when I planted your seed
Gave you the water you would need
And pulled out the weeds
You grew up higher than everything around
But someone had to cut you down
You've returned to the ground

You were here for so long
It was time to move on
But you'll never be gone

You left me with a beautiful red leaf
Held by my heart to give relief
For all of the grief
And now the garden is blooming gracefully
I only wish that you could see
How you helped me