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released June 22, 2010



all rights reserved


The Speechless Radio Vancouver, British Columbia

The Speechless Radio is the moniker of singer/songwriter Michael Elder, from Prince George, BC. He has played music for most of his life in various bands in the Prince George area, but since moving to Vancouver, he has been working on making music on his own.

Michael Elder is constantly writing and recording new songs in his home, and plans to expand this project into a full band soon.
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Track Name: No Enemies Tonight
I see you
Sitting there with smitten eyes
And lonely lips
Always waiting for the kiss

I find you
Right beside the place I used to live
The place I used to live

We'll have no enemies tonight
I'm here to look into your eyes
And when we're holding hands so tight
Nothing ever matters 'cause it feels so right with you

I'm there for you
I'm there for you
I'm always right there waiting for you
I'm there for you
I'm there for you
I'm always right there waiting for you

You see me
Standing there out in the heat
With polished shoes
But they're filled with lonely feet

I want you
To notice that I'm waiting there alone
I'm waiting there alone

I'm always waiting for the day
When the love of mine will say
Will you be the one to take
My hand and fly me away with you
Track Name: Cold Nights and Colder Days
Cold nights and colder days
When you're not here with me
Starlight and sun rays
Will guide a path that I can see

When the moon hits my eyes
And the sun hears my cries
I keep my thoughts set on you
Then the clouds clear away
And make a brand new day
But you're not here with me

Why are you so far away?
I hear your voice calling my name
But I can't see your face
Wish I could see you every day

Deep thoughts and deeper feelings
Push me along my way
Dim lights and dimmer darkness
Surround me as I live each day

Streetlights watch as I'm
Walking alone
Moving on endlessly
There's April showers
But no May flowers
Until you're here with me

Dark nights and darker days
Won't be shining 'til I see your face
Bright nights and brighter days
Are waiting for you when you're here
Track Name: Wide Awake
We step outside into an empty street
Our eyes shut closed and then our shaking lips meet
I hold you tightly and you hold me too
I'm wide awake but I'm still dreaming of you

All night long
All night long

I don't want you to go home alone
No, I don't want you to go home alone
Just stay with me tonight, all night, tonight
'Cause everything's alright
And we'll never say goodbye

And as the day falls into the night
We have each other even when there's no light
'Cause every time you look into my eyes
Another sun will find a place to rise
Track Name: 21 Questions
Somehow you found your way into my head
I don't know how you made it through
You done strange things with this mind you've read
I couldn't find the words to say

You won't make it out of my mind
I love you but I can not say
How much you really mean to me
You've changed me in so many ways

So I'm asking you 20 questions
And maybe just one more
To figure out just what is
That makes me love you 'til my heart is sore
Then maybe I will know why
I feel this way

A place deeper than the great blue sea
Is not as deep as my feelings for you
A rose redder than the sweetest apple
Wouldn't be enough to show you

How you always brighten my day
But I've never found the words to say
To tell you how much it means to me
When I see you smiling in my way

So I'm asking you 20 questions
And maybe just one more
To figure out just what it is
That makes me love you 'til I can't think anymore
Maybe then I will know why
I feel this way
Track Name: Find My Place
All I ever wanted was
A friend that I could talk to
All I ever needed was
A person that would listen
And it's you

When I sunk down into that hole
With no one but my own soul

You were there to help me find my place
You were there to help me find my place

Every time I think of you
It brings back all the memories
Of all the times we laughed and cried
And all the times you saved me
When I needed help from you
You were there to listen
And every time you spoke to me
It made my feelings glisten
'Cause of you

But then I found myself alone
Lost again, without a home

You were there to help me find my place
You were there to help me find my place
Track Name: The Hardest Season
The last time I saw your face
You glanced around and then you turned away
But inside, I knew that you were there
And all I did was stop and stare

The last time I held you near
Not long ago, but now it feels like years
And every day I wish I had you back
But sometimes you have to face the facts

Sometimes you have to lose
But I'll still hold on to you
And when this season's through
Our love will become true
I know that I'll have to wait
I know that it's my fate
You're trying to debate
If I was just too late

The next time I see your eyes
I'll promise I will be there and I'll try
To pick up all the pieces that we dropped
And put them together without flaw

The next time I hold your hand
I'll make sure that you always understand
That every second with you is worth the wait
And every moment is worth the price we paid

We're almost there
We're so close to our heart's repair
I promise you
I'll be here for how long you need me to
Track Name: Mistakes
I know
That it feels so bad
When you've lost someone
You thought that you had
It doesn't feel right
No, it doesn't feel right

I feel
That I've lost a friend
I keep messing up
Again and again
But life goes on
I hope life goes on

I'm out of reasons
Out of excuses
And I can't run anymore
You've won the chase
So there's nothing to do
But give you the truth

I know where the river flows
But it's not flowing to you
Why did I try to
Escape from you
I'm sorry to say
That you're not the one

You tried
To turn this around
But I made a mistake
And only found that
I failed you
Yes, I failed you

Let's try to function again
If you forgive me
Then we can be friends
And I would give my best
Yes, I would give my best
Track Name: For A Far Away Friend
You'll always find someone in the end
Whether you know it or not
There's always a heart there that can lend
A time and a space all for you

Somewhere, some place
Somebody is thinking of you
Never forget
That true love is there in the end
One day you'll find
The one that is perfect for you
Hold on, stay strong
And don't ever give up on hope

You want to find a friend
To listen to your sad fairy tale
Just take a look around
That person is there in the crowd

Somebody out there is feeling the same
Endlessly searching for love
That special one is waiting for you
Watching the stars up above

You almost gave in to pain
You nearly let go of faith
So listen to me now
I promise that you'll be okay
Track Name: Death of a Frozen Spark
I saw you today
And I've seen that you've changed
I'd never believe that
You're still the same
So please don't remind me
Of days left behind me
Why can't you just see
That things aren't the same anymore

So I'm standing at the end of relationship road
Where the heartbreakers lie
And the tears always flow
Where did you go?
You're waiting for the one with the perfect soul
To meet your needs
In this lonely world
But I'm not the one for you

The spark has died
Inside our eyes
It never ignited
Since we never united
We're moving on
Past the great beyond
'Cause you're done with me
And I'm done with you
For good

So throw out the pictures
And love notes to cure
All the pain that you went through
When you needed someone
To care for your problems
And help you endure them
'Cause I will not be there
Since things aren't the same anymore