Love Songs in Stereo

by The Speechless Radio

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released June 15, 2010



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The Speechless Radio Vancouver, British Columbia

The Speechless Radio is the moniker of singer/songwriter Michael Elder, from Prince George, BC. He has played music for most of his life in various bands in the Prince George area, but since moving to Vancouver, he has been working on making music on his own.

Michael Elder is constantly writing and recording new songs in his home, and plans to expand this project into a full band soon.
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Track Name: Friday Night Starlight
The sky is getting black
So we’ll lie on our backs
To count all of the stars
From the hood of my old car
We watch the shapes they form
While we keep eachother warm
Together we’ll get lost
But that’s just what we want

We’ll close our eyes and share a kiss
We’ve waited hours just for this
And then we’ll fall in love again
Let’s hope this night will never end

I’m spending a Friday night with you
There’s nothing else I’d rather do
Dancing in the streets under the moon
Singing in the starlight next to you

Finally it’s dark
And we can’t see the stars
‘Cause out of nowhere came the clouds
And the rain is pouring down
But I’ll still hold you close
‘Cause deep inside we know
That we’ll keep eachother safe
Until the blackness fades away
Track Name: I'll Still Hold On To You
If you left me
If you went away for good
I would still hold on to you

When you're lonely
When you need me at your side
I will still hold on to you

And on those lonely nights
Wishing that you’re at my side
When you’re my one and only light
I’ll sit and wonder
When the pages of your calendar
Will turn to a picture
That I’m in

If you cried
On my shoulder late at night
I would still hold on to you

I will listen
I will answer to your call
And I'll still hold on to you

I will be here
I will be here to the end
I will still hold on to you

I will love you
I swear to god I'll love you!
And I'll still hold on to you
Track Name: Eleven Minutes
When I loved, and I cared, and I gave you affection
Your feet walked away in another direction
I waited for months just to feel this connection
But now that you're gone it's a failed perfection

You have all my letters locked inside your drawer
But you can't open them 'cause our romance is torn
And inside those pages are my honest words
And sentences that I still wish that you heard

But when I dream of you each night
I see us in a perfect life
When I wake up, the story ends
And reality starts again
Now when I climb out of my sheets
I check if there's someone with me
'Cause that's how it's supposed to be

Now when I see you, it's never the same
I can't talk to you 'cause we've gone our own ways
You walk by me now without taking a glance
And I loosen my grip on the hope of a final chance

Eleven minutes into that final hour
I wish for a chance to give us all the power
To fix our relationship as it declines
And bring back the memories and the good times
Track Name: Never Want To Say Goodbye
I never want to say goodbye
To you
It’s just so hard to say it
‘Cause I don’t want this to end

And every single word I say
With every single breath I take
It always seems to bring me back to you

I’m looking through the photographs
‘Cause each one makes me want you back
Right here in my arms tonight

‘Cause every planet needs a star
Like every lover needs a heart
I’m missing you ‘cause you’re so far
Knowing that we’re worlds apart
And all our memories remain
Of all the love and all the pain
It never will be quite the same
Now that you’re so far away

I’ve been watching all the stars at night
Wishing that you’re at my side
Waiting for the morning to come

I’ve been counting all the days that pass
‘Cause each one’s harder than the last
And the weeks just never seem to end

‘Cause in a few years down the road
I’ll step out into the unknown
Farther than I’d ever go
And I need you ‘cause I’m alone
And maybe someday I’ll return
With everything that I have learned
And while we watch the candles burn
Neither of us speak a word

And every day I think of you
‘Cause there is nothing left to do
And if we make it through the night
We will finally make things right

And every day our love unfolds
It never does seem to grow old
‘Cause every moment feels so cold
When there’s no hand for me to hold
And in my heart I know it’s true
That there is hope for me and you
If we just keep our goal in view
Then our love will be renewed

I never want to say goodbye
Track Name: Resolutions
It’s been so many months
Since I first felt your touch
Now December’s reaching it’s end
But I’m sure that we will be here again

And as I hold you closer on this freezing winter night
I’ll take a moment to look into your eyes
And as the minutes on our clock begin to fade away
I hope that you’ll believe me when I say

We’ll make more than resolutions
We’ll make promises we’ll keep
And it’s more than just a new year
It’s a sign for you and me
That our trust is growing stronger
And our love is getting fonder
So take my hand ‘cause we’re not in a rush
Since nothing’s stopping us

It feels like it’s been years
Since the first time that I held you near
But now the night is here
And I’ll be here to settle all your fears
Track Name: Ken Follett
I’m watching in the sky
To find a star that’s bright
Enough to wish you a better life
A life where you’d be free
A life where you could see
That the world is a beautiful place to be

Through my eyes
I watch your life
Turn to dust
And I can’t look away
And there’s nothing I can say
To you

So you tell me all your stories of non-fiction
And patiently I listen
And hope that this isn’t coming true
‘Cause there’s nothing I can do
To make it up to you
But I promise I’ll try to help you through

And now
I just can’t find the words
To help you find a cure
For all of the misery you endure
But I’ll help you find a place
A place that’s far away
A place where you can take
Some time to wash away the pain

In my ears
All I can hear
Are your cries
For help when you fall
I wish I could change it all
For you

I know you’ll be okay
You’ll make it through the day
Don’t ever give up
I know that this is hard
But the end is never far
You will get there…
Track Name: Falling Down So Hard
I've been alone
Searching for someone
That would make my soul come home

I knew your name
But like all the others
I thought you were just the same

But I was mistaken
These feelings awaken
No longer forsaken
'Cause my heart was taken by you

I'm falling down so hard for you
My lone thoughts have waited
For this day to come and it's true
Been keeping this inside for so long
But this time has come
And I've written this song just for you

Who would have known
That you would open
The door that's been closed as I've grown

I used to feel
That no one would be there
To help my solemn heart heal

But you changed those ways
Cause everything that you say
Always brightens my day
And now I can't turn away
Track Name: Silent War
You speak when I'm gone
You sing your own songs
You think you belong 'cause
You're right when I'm wrong
But I can't hear you

I see you alone
With your eyes so low
You don't have a reason to
Make yourself known
'Cause I won't listen

Now this day has come
This needs to be done
We bring out our guns
But we're armed with our tongues
And no one's speaking

We are now sure
What we're fighting for
There were battles before this
But now it is war
And there's no sound

A loss on both sides
My hopes were denied
Our soldiers have died
'Cause your lips sent out lies
Which reached our ears
Track Name: Counting Stars
She is staring
Out the window
Watching, waiting
For him to come home

She only needs to find a way
To kill the pain from yesterday

And if she dreams a thousand dreams
They’ll never make it through the ceiling
She steps outside only at night
To stare into the starry skyline

She’s always waiting for him
But he’s never coming home
She’s watching
She’s counting stars

He is dying
And he is alone
Watching, waiting
Wishing he had known

How this cancer tied this noose
‘Cause there is nothing he can do

And if he dreams a thousand dreams
They’ll never make it through the ceiling
He’s soaring high into the night
To watch his lover from the skyline

He’s always calling to her
But she can not hear his words
He’s trying, he’s counting stars

She’s counting stars tonight
He’s counting stars tonight
They’re counting stars tonight
Oh, oh, oh

They dream tonight at the same time
And suddenly they’ve intertwined
They’re forever together
With reality left behind

They’ll hold each other closely
As they stare into the night
They’re stranded
They’re counting stars
Track Name: Lost Without You Here
I've got my bags packed
I'll walk down the track
I'm not looking back
Not until the dawn cracks

Some day I'll find you
It might cost me my shoes
But I'll keep my heart true
Cause that's all that I can do

So I'm setting out
On an endless quest
To find the one
That would be best
For me
Oh, for me
So I do request
That you try your best
To keep me in your thoughts
And I'll hold your hand and hope
I don't get lost

So you're waiting for me
Endless days of misery
But in the end you'll agree
That it's worth the pain, you'll see

Now you've got yourself tied
Letting those hopes die
But I'm not gonna lie
In the end we will be fine

So you're waiting there
With your heart so blessed
Cause you need the one
That would be best
For you
Oh, for you
And I do request
That we fix this mess
And give everything we've got
So I'll hold you hand and hope
We don't get lost

I'll keep going 'til the end
I'll keep going 'cause
Your smile is miles away
It needs to be answered with
The grace of a perfect embrace
I promise, I promise
I'll be there

Without you
Without you
Without you
I'm lost without you
Track Name: Hole In My Chest
What do you see in his eyes,
That makes them better than mine?
What do you feel in his lips,
Every time that you kiss
What can there possibly be?
What can there possibly be?

What do you hear in his voice,
That led you to make this choice?
What do you read in his thoughts?
Now you're found and I'm lost
Why is he better than me?
Why is he better than me?

What did I do wrong?
We've been apart so long
I've been dying 'cause you're gone now

You're only looking forward
To looking in his eyes
I'm only looking backwards
And it always makes me cry
Losing myself over you
Losing myself over you

Why did you do this to me?
You're not blind, you can see
You laid my heart down to rest
Now there's a hole in my chest
And you know that it's true
And you know that it's true