Distant Homes

by The Speechless Radio

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released May 31, 2011



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The Speechless Radio Vancouver, British Columbia

The Speechless Radio is the moniker of singer/songwriter Michael Elder, from Prince George, BC. He has played music for most of his life in various bands in the Prince George area, but since moving to Vancouver, he has been working on making music on his own.

Michael Elder is constantly writing and recording new songs in his home, and plans to expand this project into a full band soon.
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Track Name: Reality
Life will always change
It never stays the same
Oh no, not the same
But now we've reached the end
I won't you hold you again
No, not again

It just could not last
But now it's in the past
It's time to just move on
From you

I don't know how
I don't know why
What just made our feelings die
I hope to god I'll be okay
Not looking back
It's just too hard
To see your body from afar
Please tell me it's not the end
But it is

It's harder than before
I can't touch you anymore
No no, anymore
I'm trying to get through
It's all that I can do
Oh no, I can do
Track Name: Mountains
You kick me while I'm down
Shove my face into the ground
Fill my mouth with dirt
To remind me of the hurt

So I gasp and fight for air
But there's nothing for me there
You won't let me say the words
That your ears wished they heard

I told you that I'm trying
But you said it's not enough
And I told you that I'm sorry
But you locked my hands in cuffs
I'm strong enough to break them
'Cause I know that I am free
You're too weak to move mountains
So you're too weak to move me

You say I didn't love you
But we both know that's not true
And you say that I never cared
After all the countless hours we shared

When I try to help you to rejoice
You push me away and mute my voice
You just have it all wrong
And I wish that we knew this all along

I don't pretend, I'm not fake
I have purpose with every step I take
And now my feet turn me around
'Cause there's a path without you that I just found
Track Name: My Contrition
These little white lies
They've gathered
Like dust in the rug

I got myself out
I need in
But that door is closed

I'll never forget
The things I regret
I've never told you
You have to know that
I'm not like you
I've seen another world
I don't want this
To end things between us

I didn't want you to know
It would hurt so the
Wounds couldn't heal

I covered it up
In a bandage
But the scars are there

Why didn't I ever let you know?
Why did I leave it like the snow?
Why can't I ever tell you
About the things I've done

How did I let this happen?
How did I let this slip away?
Will you please forgive me?
I'm dying to know
Track Name: Perforations
How did we let all of this
Fall apart so fast?
I once was in your present
But now I’m in the past
Our solemn hearts are beating
Strangely out of time
Our poetry lacks rhythm
And it’s missing all its rhyme

Perforations break just like the
Hearts that don’t quite make it to the end
And now it hits me here today
You turn your back and walk away
And I can’t look, it’s just too much
To live my life without your touch
You pack your bags, I say goodbye
But there’s no kiss
No, not this time
No, not this time
No, not this time

I used to see a lover
On the mirror on my door
But now it’s in pieces
Left all over the floor
You were on center stage
In the dramas in my dreams
But someone pulled the curtain
To end our beautiful scene

You hammered all your nails
To build the boards of my mind
But our house just collapsed
On to itself over time
I wish I could repair it
But the boards are too thin
And I don’t have all the tools
And I don’t know where to begin
Track Name: Heartless
You're lying through your teeth
Every time you say you love me
And inside I am begging to be free
I'm trying to move on
But your words won't be gone
And I just can not shake them off my thoughts

Why did you just have to lie?
While all I did was try and try
You walked away without goodbye
Cause inside now I am left alone to die

You might never know
How hard it is to let you go
And just how much it hurts when you say no
I still think of you
Even if I try not to
Your image still haunts me with all I do

And I still feel the pain
It never goes away
'Cause when I see your face
I realize I've been betrayed
Track Name: Grace
It touched me deeply when I heard the news
A second heart is beating inside of you
And in a few months she will reach the air
To be forever in your arms with care

And I know you're far away
And I know that you're afraid
But deep inside I know you'll be okay

I know you feel that it's too much too soon
And everything will fall apart around you
But let me tell you that it's just not true
You're strong enough now to make it through

And if you think of this as a regret
Just always tell yourself to never forget
That you've been given the perfect chance
To prove you're not afraid to take a stand

And I know that this is hard
And I don't know where you are
But I know that this will be a brand new start

And I know that you are strong
And I know that you'll hold on
But I promise you your hope is never gone
Track Name: Lost in Thought
This is something that I feel that
You should really know
I kept it deep down inside of me
But now I just can't let it go

I held your hand not long ago but
Now we are apart
And two weeks later you found someone
That you'd trust inside your heart

I just can't describe my feelings
Seeing all this happen at once
I've got nothing to say
So I won't talk

'Cause I don't know
No I don't know
I'm lost in thought

I want to speak with you about it
But nothing will come out
I jumble all my sentences
And no words can escape my mouth

The thought of you with someone else
Just makes me want to cringe
You slammed the door right my face
And now it's breaking off it's hinge

You left me here surprised and speechless
Sitting here alone today
I've got nothing to say
So I won't talk

Maybe you'll pass by
The view from my window
And maybe then I'll know
That this path I walk is right
It leads me far from you

Maybe I'll see you
Exchanging me a glance
Maybe that's our chance
To make this hardship reach it's end
To find in you a friend
Track Name: Retrospect
Remember the time you left me behind?
You closed off all your doors, to leave me outside
Remember how I tried to make this work?
But so much for the effort, it only makes this hurt

You say you want me back
But you can't change the past
You can't rewind the tape
The history is made
I don't want to hear
Anything you say
'Cause you can't change the path
My heart will take

Remember the time we kissed up on the hill?
Remember all those pictures sitting on your windowsill?
Remember when you pushed me away?
Remember when you turned your back and left me to decay?

But I don't want you back
I'm done with your attacks
Don't ever want to hold
The person who's so cold
So throw out all the notes
And everything we wrote
'Cause I know that we're done
And done for good

If you ever think we could
Start all over again
You're out of your fucking mind
To think I'd be your friend
Don't speak to me again
You've hurt me too much
So get out my life
I've had enough
Track Name: Distant Homes II
The world
Is always turning beneath our helpless feet
And pulls us apart with its strength we cannot beat
As I watch your dot on the line
Getting smaller with every day

But I
Would reach across those fault lines just to hold you
And tell you that there's nothing the earth can ever do
To stop our perfect love
'Cause I know it's not the end

You and me
Have moved our bodies miles apart
But our feelings are still staying close
Inside our hearts
Which still beat perfectly in time
From our endlessly distant homes

Hold on to what we've got
It won't take very long
I promise I'll stay strong
I know that this is hard
But you are never far
I'll hold you in my arms
All night with you

It's hard not to give up
When everything is crashing everywhere around you
But tell me you will try
Cause I will be here when you finally make it to the end

And I'll do all I can
In my strength to make this work
I do it all for you
I'll make it to the end
I'll make it all the way
I will be there for you
I know that this is right
To follow where my heart
Always leads me off to you
So promise me you'll wait
I'll be there any day
I know I will find you

I know I'm in love with you
It's part of me with all I do
I know you're the only one
You're the air that makes my body run
So promise you'll try
To make this right
I'll go until I die
Just for you

And now
We're safe here with nothing else at all
That could ever get in our way, we've broken every wall
I'll take your hand into mine
And I'll step into the world
With you