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released February 24, 2013

Michael Elder - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Glockenspiel, Accordion

Indra Egan - Violin on Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10

Sarah Davy - Vocals on Track 10

Nathan Kelly - Whistling on Track 7

Connor Vandenberg - Tenor Saxophone on Track 10

Jordan Elder - Mixing and Production



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The Speechless Radio Vancouver, British Columbia

The Speechless Radio is the moniker of singer/songwriter Michael Elder, from Prince George, BC. He has played music for most of his life in various bands in the Prince George area, but since moving to Vancouver, he has been working on making music on his own.

Michael Elder is constantly writing and recording new songs in his home, and plans to expand this project into a full band soon.
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Track Name: Residue
Well look at what we all left behind
Been away so long it slipped off our minds
This place we used to love, I come back to it now
Shut its doors and locked us out

There's spraypaint setting into the walls
The furniture's removed from it all
And on the window at the front there forms a crack
It knows we're never coming back

Well I wish it never went like this
'Cause inside I miss
All the times we had before we all moved on
Now it's residue

If we find ourselves all in the same place
If it ever happens one of these days
I just want another chance again though we've moved on
Just like we're never even gone

Maybe we could bring all back
We can clean the walls and fill up the cracks
There really isn't much that sets all us apart
It's time away that makes this hard
Track Name: Locked Behind Glass
Frozen in that empty room
A window separates me and you
I rest my hand against the glass
And leave my fingerprints there to last

No one's there to see
The wall that separates you and me
It's something I could never hold
So still, so beautiful

So still, so beautiful...

Oh, oh oh oh,
Oh, oh oh
Locked behind the glass and in the cold

I can never let these feelings pass
I pound my fists against the glass
And then I take a step back
It hasn't left a single crack

I can't get inside
It's best that I just leave it behind
Take one last step to behold
So still, so beautiful

So still, so beautiful...
Track Name: Forget
Well, today I checked the mail
And there's something new inside
From a stranger I used to know
With something to remind

You've been writing new conclusions
To stories never told
The joke is getting weak
And the punchline's getting old

I don't what you want to prove
'Cause I'm so sick and tired of you
Our past is something
I wish I could remove

I don't want to relive
The times that I regret
I don't want to forgive
I just want to forget

And now I live without you
And honestly it's fine
No longer hear your voice
Because we had our time

Well, I found something better
And you moved far away
Our story reached it's end
So there's nothing left to say

And I don't think about it
No, I don't all
And I don't want to change this
'Cause I don't miss your call
Track Name: Best Case Scenario
I took some time away
To put my feelings on trial
Evaluating my fate
To change my lifestyle

I'm guilty on all counts
I've done too much to let it be
Whoever that I find
Will meet a better version of me

It's real this time,
And I know it's been a while
And there's no faking this time,
There's no denial

So when I get that chance
I'll go above and far beyond
The things I need to do
And I know I will be strong

'Cause this time now I know
That it takes two to make this work
And nothing's for granted
And there's no excuse to hurt
Track Name: Nothing Less and Nothing More
Life turns in ways we do not expect
But these things, they come and go
We have to accept

It's our last song,
our last dance,
Our last kiss,
Drop my hand, turn your feet around
And face the facts we have
We're done now

The words we say mean something else
Than what they did before
Their importance now is nothing less
And is nothing more

And though our hearts have moved away
They still have room to care
For one another as they move on
To someone newer there

We've got to move on...
Track Name: Come Back Home
So they say
Distance makes the heart grow fond
In this case
It doesn't matter 'cause you're gone

It's one thing to be alone
But it's another when I don't know
If you'll ever come back home
If you'll ever come back home

No idea
Where I could find you now
Not a trace
Of anything could be found

I still know
Of our favourite place to go
I look there
But you've found another home

Where'd you go?
Where'd you go?
Where'd you go?
Where'd you go? ...
Track Name: Hand Me Downs
I think last winter was the last time
I put my arms through your sleeves
I cleaned you up and hung you to dry
And left you there since New Year's Eve

'Cause I know you don't want me
And I don't want you too
It's time to hand you off
To someone new

Gathering dust in that cold drawer
At the bottom of the whole shelf
Someone else could want you more
I don't need you to myself

Tomorrow I'll fill up that old box
Of everything I don't need
Shirts and sweaters and cotton socks
What does that say about you and me?

'Cause I know you don't need me
And I don't need you too
It's time to hand you off
To someone new
Track Name: Don't Run
You've found another friend this afternoon
He's coming back around into your vision
But like all things it has to end too soon
The sun creeps down again for it's conclusion

So when the sparrow flies away
To find a brand new home
You'll watch until it's just a dot
Until you're on your own
So never leave this place behind
Or ever let it slip your mind
He'll come back just like the rising sun
Don't run

You're stuck up in this world of pain and nonsense
Waiting out the hurt that strikes within
You need that moment with him just to cleanse
All the dirt that's covering your skin

At last there comes a time when light is dim
And there comes a time he has to leave
Even though he can not take you with him
He keeps all your thoughts and memories
Track Name: Talk (Speak Your Mind)
We've found this perfect piece of time
No one else but you and I
So let us close our tired eyes
And watch the world just pass us by

Talk, speak your mind
Talk, speak your mind
Eye to eye, lip to lip
Hand in hand, skin on skin

Floating far off from the shore
Can't feel our bodies anymore
Trace my finger across your hand
No one else will understand
Track Name: Day of Rest
It isn't your fault
It's over because
The world has thrown
A million things at us

There's a part of my mind
That has to admit
To the rest of myself
That now is the time to quit

And I have to stay true
I have to accept
I have move on
It's only for the best

And I think after time
Well, I hope after time
That I won't regret
This big decision of mine

I know you tried,
I know I tried,
I know we tried

It isn't your fault
There's no one to blame
If your world is frustrated inside
Just know that I feel the same

It's okay to be angry
It's okay to feel hurt
I know the pain that lingers under
The upper left of your shirt

I've grown my hair long
And you've gotten tall
I wonder how years will change us
Or if I'll even know you at all

But I'll always be thankful
We gave it our best
Learned a world about love in each other
So let's give it a rest

I know you tried,
I know I tried,
I know we tried

I know we aren't giving up
We're just moving on
This doesn't just mean it's the end
We just need to begin
Living a new life after this
Someday we'll reminisce
We may not love like we did before
Please take care, I'm no longer yours

I know you tried,
I know I tried,
I know we tried...