Choke EP

by The Speechless Radio

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released December 29, 2014

Written, recorded, and performed by Michael Elder.

Jordan Elder - mixing and production

Melissa Lugrin & Michael Elder - cover art



all rights reserved


The Speechless Radio Vancouver, British Columbia

The Speechless Radio is the moniker of singer/songwriter Michael Elder, from Prince George, BC. He has played music for most of his life in various bands in the Prince George area, but since moving to Vancouver, he has been working on making music on his own.

Michael Elder is constantly writing and recording new songs in his home, and plans to expand this project into a full band soon.
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Track Name: Landline
I woke up, bleeding out
Stabbed in my sleep, I don't ask how
Every night I still fear
When I pass out, will you be here?

Stuck in here, I watch the phone
Always on the dial tone
Praying that you won't call
I don't want you to break my fall

I wish to die without you next to me

Jump off the roof to ground below
The last moments I'll ever know
I hope to break every bone
To get from the place you call your home

I wish to die without you next to me
Track Name: Silence
Will this ever stop?
I'm dying now to know
Will I break out of this?
I'm dying now to know

I'm trying to let go
More than ever now
Wish I could kick down the door
More than ever now

It never seems to end
I need some silence now
I'm worn out of cycle
I need some silence now

With your hands around my neck
It's getting hard to breathe
And you still tighten your grip
It's getting hard to breathe

How did we let it get like this?
Track Name: Cornered
I stepped into the water
Dipped my toes below the surface
And felt it pulling me inside
It made me rather nervous

I can't back away from you
I'm left out here to drown
Stepped too far from the river bed
I don't feel a thing at all now

I wish this never happened to me

Every movement that I make
It always casts a shadow
In the daytime or the streetlights
You have always followed

I can't do the slightest thing
Knowing that you'll find out
Cornered in your room again
I don't feel a thing at all now

I wish this never happened to me

When I'm underground
I'll never hear a sound from you
When I'm underwater
I never will be bothered by you

I wish this never happened to me
Track Name: Suffocate
Stop this
It's hopeless
Hear me
Release me

I can't stand another night

I can't breathe
I'm buried beneath
I suffocate
I can't escape

I don't want to die like this
Track Name: Vanish
Beneath this cloak
I'm hard to find
To leave you for a second
I need to hide

I'll vanish
From this world

I need to fight
To find some peace
Just some time without you
Is everything I need

This constant abuse
Is wrecking me
If I could get just one moment
To be free

I'll vanish
From this world